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That Sound You Hear …

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The response to Sidney Powell’s admission that no reasonable person would believe her claims of electoral fraud proves the existence of what I now call AINOs — Americans in Name Only. It’s sad to see people you love reduced to this spectacle of their own doing.

Well, it happened again the other day. I have a friend who is a very active poster on Facebook. She is unabashedly pro-Trump to such an extent that I invented a new word to describe her: AINO, which, of course, stands for American In Name Only. The other day she for whatever reason decided to step out of her comfort zone of like-minded, anti-fact, anti-science, DJT-worshipping cult followers and comment on a real world FB page. The results were not pretty. So she did what every AINO seems want to do: she simply deleted everyone’s comments. I suspect a lot of people don’t know you can do that on Facebook. 

That sound you hear are the crickets that appear when no other sound is present.

A couple people have blocked me entirely from Facebook. One is a retired police officer and the other a teacher. One is a cousin and the other someone I considered a friend. Before doing so, both of them complained about conservative voices being silenced. Neither of them understood or appreciated the irony of responding to critiques of the notion that conservatives were being silenced by themselves silencing those critiques from being heard at all. None of them understood that Facebook is a medium whereby people post whatever and then expressly ask people to comment on their post, giving them the option of loving, liking, or expressing an ever-increasing array of emotions and emoticons.

That sound you hear is the clang of hypocrisy.

But the clincher for me was the request to my friend to respond to the recent story that Sidney Powell is now making the claim that no reasonable person would have believed her claims about 2020 election fraud. The response was that she would do some research and get back to me. Fair enough, but has any response been forthcoming?


That sound you hear is the last gasp of an AINO who suddenly realizes that maybe Hile has been right after all.

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If there ever was a family member I would have liked to have known better, it would probably have been my great grandmother.

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If there ever was a family member I would have liked to have known better, it would probably have been my great grandmother.

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