Finescale History

There’s a reason our main graphic is of an empty dirt road passing through a graveyard. Come see why …

adventure assembled …

There are a lot of genealogy companies out there, and they all offer different products, with different databases, different procedures, and as a result often times with different outcomes. The same is true of the DNA companies, where people sometimes find literally thousands of “matches” with names they’ve never heard of, become overwhelmed, and give up.

Our approach is different. Based on your particular desires, we utilize multiple databases to extract the most accurate data, and then, based on our prior knowledge and experience, we filter that raw data into something meaningful to you.

We can help keep your family tree manageable and meaningful. We start with what you know (or think you know!). We work with you to gather as much information as possible — names of parents, grandparents and other ancestors, where they lived, religious background, that kind of thing — so as to narrow down the scope of research.

We assist you in gathering documents and photographs that again will make the ultimate job easier and more efficient.

adventure confirmed …

Two critical aspects to consider here. First, it is absolutely essential to confirm any data we collect before it can be fully relied on. THIS INCLUDES DATA SUPPLIED BY YOU!

Second, here is where the use of DNA comes in. We can facilitate DNA acquisition and analysis. There are three common DNA tests available. Most common is autosomal DNA. Offered by a number of service providers, these tests detect relationships of both male and female throughout your family tree. The other two, mitochondrial (mtDNA) and y-DNA, detect direct maternal and paternal DNA relationships, respectively.

There are plusses and minuses with each test. Autosomal DNA is the cheapest test but will often uncover literally hundreds if not thousands of matches, and sound practice requires both DNA and standard family tree research to identify meaningful relationships.

The other two tests are more expensive and are offered by fewer laboratories, but will have a much limited and generally more relevant pool of results.

adventure contextualized …

Once the basic set of names, places, and relationships have been established, a tree has been assembled and confirmed, it’s time for “the rest of the story.”

We paint both with a broad brush, setting in general terms what life was like for your ancestors where they lived, but we also get as specific as the evidence takes us. We can often times provide information as to exact place of birth, occupations and actual employers, home addresses, cemeteries and where and how people died. Who’s buried in Grant’s Tomb, people have asked in the past? We can usually tell you who, and where, and why.

Here are some stories and examples of what
you might see as you uncover your past