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Westward Bound — Family Time

After the emotional rollercoaster of the preceding day, it was time for the more mundane but some weren’t having it …

After the emotional rollercoaster of the preceding day, it was time for the more mundane.

Having craned our necks until we could no longer make out objects outside our car window and finding that we were really tired, children especially so, we put our little ones to bed and made them quite comfortable, then I tried to read some magazines but I soon found out that my mind was too full of other things to become interested in a common paper book so I sought sleep at last resort.

It was a chilly night and we had to bring out our blankets and quilts. We started well prepared, having dismantled our home to prepare for this trip. We left the house and lot at home however.

We passed through Glenwood Springs some time that night. We awoke next morning (Friday) in Utah. The gray mountains were in the distance and the scenery was not very enchanting. We saw some snow covered peaks occasionally, also many rugged scenes but they did not seem to enthuse us as did the beautiful scenic Colorado, seen the day previous.

We wound around hills and hollows and at noon we reached Salt Lake City. We stopped here about twenty minutes. We were sorry not to have more time in the historic city. We got a glimpse of the Mormon buildings in the distance. We reached Ogden about one thirty and found out we must wait here until eleven thirty. We checked our luggage and sallied forth, new wonders to behold.

Ella Hile Diary, 8-11
According to Ella, Ralph (on left) is pleased with his journey so far but Wilbur (on right) is beginning to feel rather bored at sightseeing. According to his grandson (me), that would be a trait Wilbur would carry for life.

The photographs were both taken in Salt Lake City at the train station. Dallas (age 4 above) said that “If this is Salt Lake City, it doesn’t look good to him.”

We went to a lunch room and ate some hot soup and some sandwiches, milk and pie. After this repast, Oscar went to get a shave. Of course he didn’t need it, then we visited the ten cent store and lounged in the park.

Ella Hile Diary, 10-11.

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