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The Truth … According to Greg

The Truth … According to Greg

Sometimes truth hurts, but it's still truth. All the posts and stories of The World According to Greg
Cane Ridge Meeting House, Kentucky

A Time to Stand Up and Be Counted

My first post-9/11 sermon, delivered at Cottage Way Christian Church in Sacramento, California on Sunday, September 16, 2001. Has it stood the test of time?

On the Road Again …

ln the span of less than twenty-four hours, I found myself going from embarking on a spiritual virtual journey across the Iberian peninsula to being unable to legally physically drive to the supermarket.

That Sound You Hear …

The response to Sidney Powell’s admission that no reasonable person would believe her claims of electoral fraud proves the existence of what I now call AINOs — Americans in Name Only. It’s sad to see people you love reduced to this spectacle of their own doing.

No Longer a Laughing Matter [Updated January 2021]…

It was easy to laugh at Trump and his followers because we knew it couldn’t last. But now it’s no longer funny as the blood of Americans is in their hands.

Two Smirking Yahoos

Does CAHOOTS work everywhere? Probably not — every community will have their own particulars to work out — but it’s a much better starting point for meaningful discussion and reform than two smirking yahoos. What do you think?

“You Didn’t Build That:” A Day in the Life of Joe Republican

President Obama stirred up a bit of controversy on the campaign trail in 2012 when he said people succeed because of our individual initiative, but also because we do things together.

FCC Concord dove

Behold! The New Church

Is this the new church? Probably. And just as probable, like pretty much everything in the church, change will not come quickly or easily, but, yeah, this is the new church.

I Always Figured It’d Be Trains …

The long lost hobbies people around the world people are revisiting during the coronavirus pandemic

I’m Sticking with Joe

People keep asking me who I’m voting for. The overriding question for me has also always been the ability to beat Trump, hold the House, and take back the Senate, and for awhile it seemed like Biden might go down for the count. South Carolina changed all that, and so I’m sticking with Joe.

Miks Challenge 2020 Napkin

Revenge of the Napkin Builders

It was six years ago to this very day that someone joined our little train group but didn’t last long. Keep in mind we’re a pretty chill group of mostly older men who still play with trains.

No. One. Else: Trump and Impeachment

Who knew this would become a recurring topic?

We Didn’t Start the Fire …

An example of my outdoor model train layout projects

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Teachers, what do you think about this? Students, are they right?

The best teachers I remember from high school and college weren't those who taught their subject particularly well. They were the ones who taught me the joy of learning in general. Learning specifics was merely a special case, one which I could pick up later.

Visited the graves of some of my Carothers ancestors at the Alhambra Pioneer Cemetery in Martinez. While the cemetery is in poor shape, at least they had a pretty nice view …

People think Fox News is just about indoctrinating right-wingers, but it’s also about conditioning Dems on what to run away from. Framing racial justice as “controversial” is key to delaying the protection of voting rights (& others) until it’s too late. We shouldn’t indulge it.

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