Mik’s Challenge 2018 — Bennett’s Livery & Stables

Mik’s Challenge 2018 — Bennett’s Livery & Stable

Bennett’s Livery & Stable was located in Martinez, California during the 19th century. This replica was built as part of Mik’s Challenge to commemorate the 1903 fire that destroyed a large portion of what is today downtown Martinez.

Project BeginningsThe 2018 project allowed use of all materials on hand, $30 in additional materials, and required building anything of our choice utilizing a 2×4 piece of wood.SketchUpI utilize SketchUp 3D modeling software on a desktop in my office and in the workshop on an iPad to plan and layout projects.Ongoing ConstructionNot always, but as much as possible or practical, modeling is assembled utilizing typical full-scale construction techniquesClose-up of the Finished ProjectA close-up of the finished project1