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Dixie Chicks

We Go to Concerts

My first concert was to see Stephen Stills at the Long Beach Arena back in roughly 1973 or 1974. Since that time, there have been too many to count but a lot of memories.

There are photographs here from several recent concerts. In 2018, Lynne and I saw The Chicks (aka The Dixie Chicks) at the Toyota Ampitheatre in Wheatland, California and then Barbra Streisand at the SAP Center in San Jose. Other recent concerts include Willie Nelson at the Greek Theater in Berkeley, The Dales at Goldsmith’s in Sacramento, and our most recent to see Dwight Yoakam at the Graton Resort in Rohnert Park.

There have been some memorable experiences along the way. I once got to meet John Denver after a show at the Snow Valley Ski Resort in Running Springs, Californias. I once got thrown off the stage at a Beach Boys concert at that same venue for delivering a barrel full of beer on stage before the set-up crew had finished their work (in my defense, some guy told me to deliver it).

Yes, there have been some great times. I also missed one show. I had tickets to see Rick Nelson at the old Crazy Horse Restaurant and Nightclub in Santa Ana, California but he was killed in a plane crash. There was another show I missed that my kids won’t ever let me forget. When I lived in Berkeley, my neighbor was the head of security for the various Berkeley performing venues. He offered me a back stage pass once to a concert by a group I had never heard of and I respectfully declined. Now in those days, The Tonight Show on NBC was filmed at 5:30 pm to be shown at 11:30. I was watching The Tonight Show that night and there was a group on that I thought were absolutely fantastic. Turns out Hootie and the Blowfish did The Tonight Show at 5:30 and hopped a plane to Berkeley for the concert.

Oh, well. Here are the photos. Click on the image to see the full size version. By the way, one of the first photos is of my grandfather, who was a concert performer himself back in Hannibal, Missouri.

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