The Hile Family Collection

Initially believed to have come to the United States from Germany and other parts of northern Europe, the Hile family — spelled in a variety of ways, including Heil and Hiles — initially settled in Pennsylvania and New Jersey in the 18th century.

From there, my branch of the family moved westward into the counties surrounding Lexington, Kentucky and eventually into northeast Missouri around Hannibal. My father, grandfather, and great-grandfather all claim Hannibal as their birthplace.

My branch of the Hile family came out west to Long Beach, California following the Great Depression and during World War 2.

The photo to the right and below is of my father, Robert Eugene Hile (1930-2013) outside the family home on Abbeyfield in Long Beach. I don’t know who took the photo or the make of automobile but I do greatly admire his choice of socks!

Of course, not every member of the Hile side of the family carried that surname, so some of the photos may carry the names of Kennedy, Smith, Coppedge, Duke, Dameron, and Christian, to name just a few.

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