So Far: The Story of Us

The Story of Us presents collections based on family connection and surnames. Together with the stories and posts posted elsewhere on this site, our story can be told and shared.

There are four from my family — Hile, Penrose, Bousman, and Korhonen/Johnson — that branch out from my grandparents.

Two collections come from my wife Lynne’s family — Baugh and Dudymott. 

Others will be developed over time related to the “other side” of my children’s trees, for example, Lewis, Benson, Baca, and the like.

Of course, family connections have more than one surname. The Hile Family Collection, for example, also contains images related to Kennedy, Smith, Coppedge, Dameron, and others.

Over time, more photos will be added and captions that tell the story behind the photos will come, as well.

Click on the album photos below, which will then take you to the particular family collection.