Brazilian Amazon 2005

In 2005, the staff of Rainforest Action Network came to the Brazilian Amazon to witness first-hand the results of their labors. We stayed at Tataquarra Lodge along the Xin Gu River, one of the north-south tributaries of the Amazon.

Just getting there was somewhat arduous. We flew from San Francisco to New York to Sao Paulo to Brasilia to Belem and on to Alta Mira in the state of Para. From there we took a three-hour motor boat ride up the Xin Gu to the lodge. Our five-day stay included another three-hour boat ride to an indigenous village. 

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The Xin Gu RiverNot sure if this was leaving or returning, but after flying from San Francisco to New York to Sao Paulo to Brasilia to Belem and then on to Altamira in the Brazilian state of Para, the lodge was a couple of hours north of Altamira. The Xin Gu is a tributary of the Amazon.Welcome to Tataquaragh-amazon-2005-081_56655054_o_31459215528_ogh-amazon-2005-080_56655049_ogh-amazon-2005-079_56655027_o_31459215698_ogh-amazon-2005-078_56655018_o_31459215868_ogh-amazon-2005-076_56654997_o_31459216148_ogh-amazon-2005-075_56654976_o_31459216218_ogh-amazon-2005-074_56654958_o_31459216338_ogh-amazon-2005-066_56654873_o_31459217298_ogh-amazon-2005-082_56655069_o_31459215358_ogh-amazon-2005-060_56654827_o_31459217898_ogh-amazon-2005-052_56654753_o_31459218598_ogh-amazon-2005-050_56654734_o_31459218858_ogh-amazon-2005-047_56654707_o_31459219248_ogh-amazon-2005-044_56654682_o_31459219528_ogh-amazon-2005-041_56654641_o_31459219868_ogh-amazon-2005-040_56654627_o_31459220148_ogh-amazon-2005-039_56654612_ogh-amazon-2005-033_56654540_ogh-amazon-2005-031_56654519_ogh-amazon-2005-029_56654502_ogh-amazon-2005-023_56654438_ogh-amazon-2005-020_56654406_ogh-amazon-2005-018_56654388_ogh-amazon-2005-015_56654375_ogh-amazon-2005-008_56654330_ogh-amazon-2005-007_56654326_ogh-amazon-2005-005_56654314_oMother and ChildOne of my favorite photographs. I was later told the mother was hiding her child from the camera, which gives rise to the ethical question of whether the photo should be published.

The Brazilian Amazon 2005 collection showcases images taken by Gregory Hile on a visit by Rainforest Action Network to areas along the Xin Gu River in the Brazilian state of Para.