Camera lens with lense reflections.

The Gallery

Photography is both the beauty and the reality of life. Like history writ large, the recorded image can be difficult to appreciate or contemplate, especially in today’s world, as you will see elsewhere, but is always rewarding.

Welcome to The Gallery. There are four main collections. The Story of Us contains the entire collection of photos from each of the individual family collections. There are currently eight such collections and is to be used as a companion to the main The Story of Us section of the site.

In The Family Tree, the individual collections contained in The Story of Us are gathered and presented collectively by geographic location. In this way, perhaps, the goal of seeing humanity as truly one big family can be better envisioned.

We Said There’d be Trains contains several collections that focus on trains, model trains, and modeling in general.

The Rest of Me is just that. Here are photos from concerts, travel and vacations, and a whole host of other activities.

If you want it all at one time, The Archives has everything, ordered from oldest to newest without subject restriction. Be sure to come back as new images are being added on a regular basis.