The Gallery

Photography is both the beauty and the reality of life. Like history writ large, the recorded image can be difficult to appreciate or contemplate, but is always rewarding.

Welcome to the galleries of The World According to Greg. There are four main gallery collections. Collections: The World According to Greg indexes the featured image of each story our post on the site, and it does so in reverse chronological order, i.e., the oldest entries come first.

In So Far: The Story of Us collections are gathered by family — Hile, Penrose, Bousman, and Johnson/Korhonen. There are also collections for my wife Lynne’s family tree, including Baugh, Dudymott, and Benson. Of course, families are not limited to one surname. Thus, for example, the Hile Family Collection will also see the occasional Kennedy, Smith, Coppedge, or Dameron, among others.

We Said There’d be Trains contains several collections that focus on trains, model trains, and modeling in general.

The Rest of Me is just that. Here are collections of images from travel, concerts, and what have you.

Click the below images to go to the various galleries, and from there to the collections in the gallery. As for the photo on the right, that is my grandmother Helma Penrose. No word on the date, place, or the circumstances, but it’s pretty certain Grandpa Penrose was involved!

Helma Penrose
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