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The posts on this site are divided into two main subject areas. One is The Story of Us, with stories, posts and photo galleries specifically related to genealogy and family history in general, and my family (and all its many branches) in particular. If you’re mainly interested in that and not all the political and “rest of me” stuff, that’s the place to go.

On the other hand, The Truth … According to Greg is, well, everything else, the stuff about current events, politics, religion, science — you know, all the things you’re not supposed to talk about over the family dinner table. In fact, talking about this stuff has gotten me blocked from the Facebook pages of three cousins of mine who, while their stories will remain a part of The Story of Us, will probably not be inviting me to their dinner table any time soon. Sometimes the truth hurts.

This page displays or references all of my various social media feeds, and that is a situation in flux. Take Twitter, for example. Although it’s sometimes hard to separate one from the other, as is the case with the two tracks described above, the account @Gregory_Hile has mainly the truth stuff and can also be found over on The Truth page, while @Hile Family History focuses on genealogy and family history and can be found on most of the family history pages. However, with all of the drama and chaos of the Elon Musk era, they may not be here much longer, whether by my choice or by collapse of the entire platform.

To that end, I have begun to explore alternative social media platforms, to wit: Tribel, Mastodon, and the brand new Threads. How to get set up and integrated with the web site is still in the works.

Facebook and Instagram feeds can also be found here and on various other pages., as well as YouTube and Pinterest.

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