William and Frances

We often think of the westward movement as Manifest Destiny and its movers and shakers as noble pioneers. It wasn’t always that way.

Consider the Source

Whether it is incredulous politicians or innocent and well-meaning genealogists and family historians, as we navigate the sometimes difficult pathway between truth and assumption, we must always consider the source.

Merry Christmas

From our house to yours. Christmas has not been always been that joyous of an occasion for me over the years. Too many places to be expected to be at, too much money spent on gifts, too little time spent on the reason for the season, and I’ll never understand why we have to stay […]

Happy Thanksgiving

Helma Penrose

Funny the kinds of things we remember out of our past, and as we celebrate another Thanksgiving, what are the little memories you bring to the table?

We Were On a Break …

My first — and last — post here was in 2014 almost five years ago. Okay, so it wasn’t all that short of a break, but I had a reason. Several of them, actually. Things have happened over the last five years — life-threatening illness, a stressful job, a diagnosis of Parkinson’s, being fired from […]

The Story of Me is the Story of Us

Welcome to The World According to Greg! This is my life and my story. I am in my sixties, retired, a husband, father and grandfather. We have a blended family of five kids and six grandchildren, all eleven of which are, like Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon residents, far above-average. We have a dog and two […]

Hello World!

And what a world it is! The World According to Greg began as an exercise to prove to my boss that a website and SEO placement could be done in-house. More on this later, but the photo itself displays quite a picture of what the world looks like, both then when it was taken, and […]