For the Last Time, Newsom is Not Pelosi’s Nephew

Sometimes, genealogy can be used not only to prove family relationships, but also to disprove it. Case in point: if you follow California wing nuts you have no doubt heard that our governor Gavin Newsom is Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s nephew. Uh, no. He’s not.

Consider the Source

Whether it is incredulous politicians or innocent and well-meaning genealogists and family historians, as we navigate the sometimes difficult pathway between truth and assumption, we must always consider the source.

At Home in the Universe

All people, at all times, must have created myths and stories to sketch a picture of our place under the sun. As I would ask myself what is the purpose of life and what is my role in that purpose, I came to wonder who in my past sat around a campfire and asked those same questions.

The Begatin’ Man

Based on family oral history it is highly likely that I am related to William Jennings Bryan but exactly how is still not quite clear from the documentary evidence. This points out an important factor to consider when doing genealogy research, namely that one cannot sit in front of a computer and expect perfect, full, and complete answers.

Just Who Was James Dudymott?

Most of my family tree branches go back several hundred years. The Dudymott lineage, on the other hand, is another story. James Dudymott was born in Pennsylvania in 1812. At that point, the Dudymott name turns into what genealogists call a dead end.

My Parents and Grandparents

Actually, none of the people in the photo were parents or grandparents of mine. If I were to print out my entire family tree it would take roughly 525 pages and  it would not be amenable to the almost daily changes that occur through editing, corrections, additions, deletions, and the like. Enter the good folks at WikiTree, some […]