Catching Up …

All of a sudden, things got extremely busy for me …

All of a sudden, things got extremely busy for me. I had been carrying on the Westward Bound series involving my Hile family’s journey to the west coast and I took a break from it because I was so busy and because the fine folks on one of the Hannibal, Missouri Facebook pages devoted to Hannibal history for reasons that still elude me decided to block me. More on that later but if anyone is able to contact the admins of that group on my behalf, I’d sure appreciate it.

Anyway, I did make the trip by train to Denver and there will be a number of stories to share in the coming days. I did spend a wonderful day in Colorado Springs at the Penrose Heritage Museum, the Broadmoor Hotel, and a private tour of the Penrose House. Right before I left, or maybe while I was on the way, one of my cousins posted some photos of her father, my uncle Russell Penrose. Rusty lived with us for awhile in Colorado and I had hoped to visit the two places we lived at and maybe get a photo. I didn’t make it to the first house on Field Street in Wheatridge but I did make it to Urban Court in Arvada and even spoke to the owner. She had lived there for over fifty years. We had a very pleasant conversation. I mentioned our neighbors at the time and, in fact, they still lived next door. I went to meet the Allreds but they were not home.

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John Underwood
John Underwood
December 14, 2023 1:27 pm

I believe I might have an old photo of Ella Hile made by H. Tomlinson Hannibal, MO.